Thursday, May 08, 2014

Up or Down?

  A friend of mine expressed something on Facebook the other day about men leaving the toilet seat up that got me to thinking - why do women feel they are better than men and touching the toilet seat is beneath them? As a matter of cleanliness men generally will lift the toilet seat to pee instead of just leaving it down. I suppose we could just leave it down all the time but none of us have perfect aim so we lift it up because we don't want our ladies to have to come in and sit down on a pee soaked seat. You see, it's a matter of curtesy - we're thinking of the ladies when we lift it. And it is a matter of fairness that we allow the ladies to put it down. I mean is there any really good reason why only the men should have to touch the seat? 
  There is however an answer that would satisfy everyone... Install a urinal. As a matter of fact I think it should be against the building codes to build a new construction home and not include a urinal for the men (actually there are some women who are jumping on the bandwagon to pee standing up so they could benefit too).

  Of course the easiest, cheapest and most beneficial way to solve this age old problem is for the guys to just go outside and pee! Going out behind the house and peeing on the ground at the base of the house is a sure fire way to keep the weeds (or grass) at bay so you don't have to weed-eat. And since you're not installing a urinal or flushing the toilet when you're done your saving money and water. Guys, just be careful to not pee on your wife's prize petunias!

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