Monday, February 06, 2012

Men love flowers too!

  Now I like to think of myself as a manly man. I like the outdoors, sports, Jack Daniels, westerns, action films and fast cars. When I'm in the department store I head straight for the tool department. If it's more upscale and doesn't have a tool department but does have a sporting goods or outdoors department I'll hang there instead. In other words I have absolutely no doubts about my masculinity. Even so there is a part of me that enjoys things normally associated with those of the fairer sex. For instance, there are some chick flicks I like such as When Harry Met Sally or Thelma and Louise. There is however one area where I think women are totally lacking in understanding about many men when it comes to Valentine's Day - flowers. Believe me, men love to get flowers on Valentine's Day and more specifically they love to get them at work. Actually men love to get flowers on any day but just like women, Valentine's is special. It's not the flowers themselves we like so much as the attention we get in the office when they are delivered, or when you're seated at the restaurant waiting for her and she walks in with a big bouquet for you. Oh, sure there will be those guys who are snickering about you getting flowers, but those are the same guys who are probably going to be going home to an empty house at the end of the day and in all likelihood haven't slept with a woman they didn't have to pay for in eons. Getting that flower arrangement is a statement for men, just like it is for women, a statement that says "yes I have a wonderful person in my life who knows how to treat me right and that makes me a very lucky man (or woman)."
  So, ladies, take pause and consider the value and benefits you'll reap this Valentine's Day when he discovers the flowers left at the receptionists desk has a card with his name on it! You can thank me later :)