Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Okay, so Lesbians, Gays, and Bi-sexuals adopted the moniker "LGB" then the transexuals felt left out so they got added and it became "LGBT" - a mouthful to say as it is and it doesn't really roll off the tongue very easily, had to be a military person that came up with that acronym. But now the "Q's" got involved. I don't know who the Q's are but they evidently have an identity crisis so now they've joined up with the LGBT's and it's now the LGBTQ's. 
Next up I'm sure are the practitioners of Beastiality but the LGBTQ'ers already have a "B" so I'm not sure what they would be called. "Animalists" maybe? No, I think there is another fetish out there that may be called that. Well lets just call them "Fur-sexuals."
Next come the pedophiles so we have the "P's" and let's not forget the necrophiliacs with a big ol' "N."
What's the point to all this? It's strength in numbers. You see, by banding together they form a large pack, and can present a large front and gain more headlines. By presenting themselves as a large enough entity it makes it appear as though they are a majority and by doing that these folks can influence elections, media and our impressionable youths.
But it is time to reverse this trend, it's time to start standing firm against these lifestyles which threaten our society. It is time to stand firm in the face of criticism from these liberal people. These folks were NOT born gay or lesbian or with another sex trapped in their body. They were born with either male DNA or female DNA. Our sexual leanings are of our own making and we each have the power to decide to not lean towards being gay or seek a sex change or dress so as to appear as a different sex. It is time to take a stand and reclaim our alphabet.