Thursday, May 15, 2014

Let Me Be Clear...

I want to be clear...

  There are several issues I would like to be clear on but I’m going to start with this one, and because I don’t want to make my writings laborious to read I’m also going to separate them into different entries.
  That said let’s begin.

  I don’t believe homosexuality is ok.
  I believe in the Bible. I believe the Bible is truth. Truth does not change, ever. The Bible decries homosexuality as a sin. Period.
  But what so many people fail to see is what else the Bible says. The Bible says no sin is greater than any other sin in God’s eyes. That means if I steal something it is just as sinful as someone engaged in a homosexual act as far as God is concerned. But let’s not stop there. The New Testament is all about Love. Love of God, love of family, love for our neighbors, love for our enemies and love for sinners.  
  So how does that all tie together? Like this. You see I have friends who are gay, but that doesn’t stop me from being friends with them. Instead I try to let them know what I believe God says in the Bible about homosexuality and yet God loves them still even though he doesn’t love the sin. What can I do but follow God’s example and love them as well. And since I believe the Bible is God’s word and it is truth then I believe it is also true today because a truth does not change. Ever. Hate has no place in my life. So I do not hate homosexuals and believing homosexuality is wrong does not mean I am homophobic, it simply means I have a belief that God has said it is wrong - then, now and forever. Just as stealing something was wrong in Bible times so then it is wrong now and forever because it is a truth that stealing is wrong and a truth never changes.

Biblical passages on homosexuality:
Leviticus 18:22
I Corinthians 6:9

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