Sunday, June 19, 2011

Signs for stupid people

  On my way home today I passed a new sign which stated "See the Light, Move to the Right" with a graphic of a head-on view of a fire truck with lights blinking. When I read it, the words just seemed to hit me the wrong way. I'm tired of everything being dumbed down so the stupid people can understand it too. Same goes for the "Click it or Ticket" slogan. I'm tired of it. I mean if people are really so dumb that they can't remember to pull over when they see emergency vehicle lights or if they are so stupid they don't understand that riding without a seat-belt warrants a ticket if you're pulled over, well if people are just that stupid then I don't want them on the same roads with me and they need to have their license taken away! Seriously! If someone is so stupid they have to have signs like that to remind them of the rules of the road then they shouldn't be driving. Then again I suppose I can be thankful I don't live somewhere that the people feel the need to have a sign that tells me not to cross when the cars are still moving. Really? No! You're kidding! I thought the idea was to try and cross the street while the cars are zipping by and try not to get hit in the process.
If you get hit, you lose! I think we should have signs put up that say "Cross Only When Traffic Is Moving" - maybe then we'd get rid of some of the stupid people that are throwing the curve way off and making it necessary to have stupid signs!
  I really think if the government is going to waste our money by putting up stupid signs I'd rather they spent it on magnetic signs people have to put on their car when they do something stupid. Cops and judges could sentence people to drive around with a big magnetic sign on the car door that says "I got this sign because I was STUPID and was texting while driving." Or how about a sign that says "I didn't "Click it" and all I got was this STUPID sign!"
  I guess if we have to have stupid signs though they should also be funny and give us something to laugh about. Like the sign in Europe at a train or subway stop that says "Keep back from the platform edge - or you may get sucked off." Seems to me that one would have everyone lining the edge of the platform!


Jana said...

I think most of these signs come about due to litigation. The folks lacking common sense are many times the first to lawyer up when injured by their own stupidity. Case in point that a reputable friend told me about years ago, some guys were at a gym lifting weights and started goofing off putting their hands on the remaining weights after the stack was lifted and removing them quickly before the stack came down. One guy got a bit more stupid and decided to play chicken with his male part and at some point he lost and the weight stack came down on him and much shock, pain,and injury ensued. He used the gym and won believe it or not because there was not a sign that warned folks to keep their body parts off the weight stack!

Jana said...

Sued the gym, not used. Auto correct got me again.