Monday, June 13, 2011

NO excuses! - YOU'RE responsible!

  Aren't you just a little bit tired of people too scared to take responsibility for what they say or do? I know I am. I'm tired of reading in the news about people  who don't take responsibility for the words that come out of their mouth or the actions they get caught in or doing. It seems the more people get caught or called on something the less merit the words of their apologies have. I don't for a second believe most people are truly sorry for what they said or did that caused them to feel they had to apologize. Sure they're sorry they got caught or they're sorry they lose their job or social standing because of what they said or did but I don't believe they are truly sorry for the actual words that came out of their mouth or the actual actions they did.
  Take a look in the news just about any day and you'll find someone apologizing because they were on the hot seat. Look at that congressman Weiner (is it pronounced "weener" like a hot dog or "winer" like a cry-baby? guess either way would be appropriate). The guy was evidently sending "messages and photos of explicit nature with about six women in the last three years"according to That in and of itself isn't so surprising in this day and age but the fact that he is married (to a pretty and exotic looking lady in my opinion) and a member of congress puts him in the frying pan. If those text or emails and pics or whatever it was had not been leaked do you honestly think he'd be apologizing? Now he wants to pull a "Tiger Woods" and seek help. Really? Dude, just own up to being a horn dog and keep on sending the "explicit" pictures and texts cause you know you're only sorry you got caught.
  The fake apologies are running amuk! I don't believe for one second actor Tracy Morgan is sorry for his recent anti-gay remarks, nor do I think Don Imus is sorry for calling the 2007 UCON women's basketball team "nappy-headed ho's." Okay maybe they are sorry they said it but I think they do believe what they said.
  NASCAR is bulging with curt words, sharp tounges and even flying fists and I get sick everytime I hear them apologize for their words or actions. Come on guys! Own what you say! Team owner Richard Childress kinda got it right after going after creep-o Kyle Busch recently. He stopped short of apologizing for going after Busch, instead owning up to his actions saying "I take all the responsibility for my actions last week. I am very passionate about this sport. I am passionate about my race teams, our fans and I let my emotions ... come in front of my passion. But that is behind us." Basically that means he said "hey I did it - now let's move on." We need more men like Childress.
  Now while I've had enough of Charlie Sheen in the news this year I must say that I admire him for not apologizing for leading the life he obviously enjoys. He does the coke, he does several porn stars at the same time - and he enjoys it! So kudo's to Charlie Sheen for NOT apologizing. Are you listening Tiger? Jesse James? Gov. Spitzer? Representative Weener? Come on dudes, grow a pair and man up!
  My whole point behind this litany is that each and every one of us is responsible for the things we do and the things we say. Sure you should apologize if you say or do something wrong but that is only the first step - you also have to follow through and make sure your actions and words are never repeated. Make your apology actually mean something. When you apologize you are responsible for those words of sorrow crossing your lips just as much as you are responsible for the words that made the apology necessary. This much I can tell you... if I say it I mean it and if what I say turns out to be something I regret then you can know my apology is real because I'm responsible for what I say.

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