Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fight Slavery - Defeat Liberals!

  For the life of me I cannot fathom why todays liberals and youths are so desperate to become slaves. Yes, slaves. That is the agenda the liberal left endorses. They feed the liberal minions with promises of free food, free shelter, free medical care, free phones, free this and free that. In exchange the liberal leaders achieve power and authority, and the minions are left without resource and must be told what to do. Liberals, which is a majority of the Democratic party and those who vote for Democrats are pissing on the graves of our forefathers, our patriots, our military, all who suffered for independence and equality. They want to trample on the Constitution… the very document that gives them freedom despite the fact they do not deserve it. Is this the nightmare that America has become? 

  With every day I discover some new story, new incident, new activity that shreds and destroys the fabric of freedom so many men and women have fought and died for over the past 250 years. Mr. or Ms. Liberal, are you really so inept that you need to have yourself enslaved in order to survive? Are you really that lazy? So lazy that you refuse to get up off your ass and pursue the American dream the way generations before you have - by hard work, saving money, striving to achieve something for yourself and to make the world a better place for your children? Your actions and words scream of laziness, they scream of an inability to think for yourself, the inability to make decisions for yourself, the desire to be a slave, to make sure you always have a master. They will continue to beat you into submission, to whip you with the chains of bureaucracy, to shackle you with poverty, and in the end to hang you with unfulfilled promises. 

  Now you may say this a very racist article but it is not, the degradation the liberals continue to strive to enslave us with does not recognize a skin color, it does not recognize age. The ONLY thing the liberal agenda fears is loosing your vote. It is their fear that drives them to continue to make promises they cannot keep in order to enact their plans to shred the Constitution - the very document that gives us freedom! Do you realize they want to take away your rights of free speech, freedom to demonstrate, freedom of the press, freedom to defend yourself? For those of you who are on the liberal bandwagon you are blind. The very freedoms they are attempting to take away from the conservatives and moderates will also be taken away from you the liberals. No longer will you be able to decry the injustices of government, no longer will you be able to assemble and voice your opposition to the government, to other groups or persons. No longer will the media (press) be permitted to freely criticize or advocate for anything. We decry inequality, and rightly so, but the liberal agenda will not permit you to do so as theirs will be the voice in control and that control will mean you are equal in slavery. Is this the America you really want? That is what you are pushing for. 

  As bleak a future as the liberals have created for us there is still hope. A hope that we the minions will not stand for the liberal oppression any longer, a hope that we the minions will justly rise up and with our voice and our votes will remove the slave masters from office and install men and women, Democrat and Republican, who will stand straight and tall against the forces of evil liberals who would destroy the very fabric that our unique and great country stand on - the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  Still there is hope.

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