Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's Called Pole Dancing

Recently I attended an Elon University basketball game but the memories I carried away from that arena had nothing to do with basketball. Rather it was the sickening half-time show by a local youth "dance" team. It occurred to me during this "routine" that if the children performing had poles to twirl around on that they would have felt right at home at a strip club. Don't get me wrong, there was no discarding of clothing articles, instead it was a grotesque display of undulating pelvic thrusts and bodies writhing about on the floor. The youngest of these young ladies (there were no boys) couldn't have been more than 7 or 8 years old while the oldest was likely 15 or 16. I found myself asking where these children's parents were? Surely they were not in attendance for if they had been they would have been appalled at their young daughters performing sexually suggestive gyrations. I mean, surely a conscientious parent would never allow or encourage their daughter to be involved in such an activity.
    When I voiced my incredulity to the friend I was with he said "that's how they 'dance' now" and then he jokingly implied that I was a pervert for noticing it and pointing it out. That got me up on my soapbox. I may be getting old but I still know when a female moves in a particular way she is trying to evoke something out of her onlookers and while a woman moving in such a way might be a stimulating sight, to see children, young girls, emulating pole dancers and lap dancers only serves to get my anger up. In all likelihood most of these girls were only going through a routine and thought nothing of it but I cannot imagine that the older girls never had it cross their mind that what they were doing was sexual and designed to capture the lascivious attention of boys.
    I realize most young women today idolize the Hollywood trash like Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton and that is truly a shame. But what is more shameful is that so many parents encourage their children, nay they push their children to be like the tinsel town sluts. A parent that lets a child become involved in such activities isn't much of a parent and should not be surprised one day when their daughters begin to take notice of boys and wind up raped, deflowered, or pregnant.
    I'm not against dancing. I think there is a time and a place for dancing provided it isn't of a sexually perverse nature. Parents, if you want your child to be involved in dance why not get them to take up ballroom, square, contra or any number of different dance styles that are much more challenging and much more rewarding than learning how to slither around a pole and on a floor so that disgusting men can stuff money between the girls butt cheeks or breasts.


Anonymous said...

What is ballroom dancing but the same thing. Watch that TV program Dancing with the stars and see.

Jweldon said...

The fact the man who attended the game with you called you a pervert for even noticing points to s serious problem in America. It is called desensitization. We are numb to sin. The Pole Dancing done is a strip club arouses the men who come. This is called lasciviousness. The word means creating a desire in another human being you do not have the God given right to fulfill."
Our ole US is following our European Anscestors. Soon there will be not shock factor. This happen one time in the history of man. You can read about it in Gen. 6 and God destroyed the world because of it. Man's heart and thougths were continously evil.
Keep reminding us for "rigteousness is the only hope our nation has" Proverbs 14:34

Anonymous said...

You need an updated picture of yourself.